Friday, 26 July 2013

Happiness is homemade pie !!! Challenge given by Flourishes...

... With a little black button to show industriousness, this black & white card is to play in a challenge by Flourishes

"Til we meet" Mark's Sketch with a twist

Old truck still going - don't we wish!

Marks Finest Paper Sketch with  a Twist - Buttons

Weaving with crocuses

 Springtime flower bounty for the gardener living within each of us!

Challenge:  Marks Finest Paper, 

Happy birthday!

Made to play with Simon Says Monday challenge celebration

Does anyone know how to easily rotate the picture on a blogger blog post?

"Beach Picnic"

"Beach Picnic", again inspired by the "Summer Food Contest" offered by Simon Says!                  

   Beach Picnic, lemonade & cookies
                    Picnic sur la plage, lemonade et biscuits

 Simon Says Wednesday challenge summertime food

lemons for limonade

This card was inspired by the contest offered by Simon Says,   "Summer Foods" lemons for lemonade on a hot summer like we are having!

 Simon Says Wednesday challenge summertime food

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sunset couple

Cards are us!

We usually make cards for others to show them we care.

Is is also a way to express our artistic abilities and emotional mindset
 because these two mingle well.

Each of us has a different lifestyle, interests and obligations.
With our cards we often are reaching out to bridge the differences
and highlighting the sameness.

"Vive la difference" (Hurrah for diversity) would say my French forebears.

By sharing our accomplishments or learning new skills from others we can move ahead faster.

Thank you, all wonderful card makers, I love what you are doing!

Danielle Damohicane